Warzone DM Ultra Blueprint Service

Warzone DM Ultra Blueprint Service


Warzone DM Ultra Blueprint Service

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Delivery & General Info:

All orders will be delivered within 24 hours. You can use your account as normal up until we contact you to complete your order.

This service will give you a DM Ultra variant that is saved in the weapon armory for all normal and DLC weapons that are level 8 or higher.

This service is for Cold War weapons on Warzone.


What you get:

This service will include a custom variant with the DM Ultra camo applied for each weapon level 8 or higher in the categories listed below.

  • Assault Rifles
  • Sub Machine Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Light Machine Guns
  • Tactical Rifles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Handguns


Pre-Service Instructions:

The instructions below are required because the service is carried out on PC. The camo`s will then carry over to your Xbox / PSN account through your Activision account.


1. Xbox / PSN users if you do NOT have a account you will need to create one. ( )

2. You must add your phone number to your Battle account otherwise we will not be able to access multiplayer due to their security measures.

3. Login to your Activision account on ( ) and link your Battle account.

4. You must add your Battle account to the Battle authenticator, this app is used to approve our login request without us requiring a code from you.

5. Add your Battle account login details in the required fields above and complete your order.

You are now all set and ready to receive your new camo. Make sure to enable notifications for the Authenticator app to avoid missing any login request`s.


Why Us:

This is the safest and quickest service to obtain the DM Ultra camo. All of our services are thoroughly tested to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Purchase with confidence!